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Largest Manufactures, Wholesalers and retailers of pure silk fabrics

We at Rishabh Silk Centre-FABENZO, have it all in Pure Silks from Crepe, Georgette, Satin, Dupioni, Raw Silks, Plain Silks, Chiffons, Organza to Silk Blends and Custom Made Fabrics .
Since 1998, we are very focused on quality and each piece supplied to the customers are thoroughly Checked.

Set of various multicolored silk or satin textiles



On Demand Manufacturing

Let it be any Fabric from Pure Silks Linen, Cottons, we can Produce almost any fabric you require.


Service Guarantee

We are very particular with the timelines of our delivery .


Dyeing,Printing and Embroidery

We Provide all these 3 Services as per the customers Requirement. A 5-10% variation might come with the original outcome in these services.

Asked Question

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Made to Order Procedure?

For Made to Order Fabrics we first try to check if we have the fabric or try to arrange the sample locally. If that’s not possible we ask the customer for a swatch/ sample. Then proceed with the Production.

Why make you our vendor?

With over 22 Years of Experience in Fabrics Market , we have a lot of expertise and connections with weavers. Hence ensuring you the best quality and Price

Production Process?

We source all the yarns Personally and then give it to the local artisans and weavers. Hence making sure with the quality of the fabrics being Produced.

Printing Process?

We have over 400 Designs with Different Color Combinations and Designs all done on against order. Contact us directly for the designs, and we can get the printed on any fabric of your choice like Georgette, Crepe, Satin, Raw Silk and Chiffons

Shipping Worldwide and Time Taken?

For all our international Customers, we have a tie up with DHL Express. We have an account with them and we get the best discounted Wholesale rates with delivery times being between 3-6 Days.

Do you also provide Stitching Service from the fabrics we Purchase?

Yes, We do provide stitching Service, if the requirement is in bulk. We first ask for a sample of the finished product, and then we can do the same stitching and supply it to you.

What Makes Us Different?

We at Rishabh Silk Centre - FABENZO, have direct control on our manufacturing Process as we source the yarns ourselves and supply it to the Weavers. Contact us and we will make sure to cater to all your requirements right from Fabrics Production to Stitching your final Product.

Ashish Satish

CEO, Founder
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