Types Of Mulberry Silk Fabrics


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Often we get confused as to what are the types of Silk Fabrics and if they are 100% Silk –

100% Silk Fabrics come in various forms and types depending on how the pure silk yarn is processed. Everyone gets confused is if crepe or georgette for example is pure silk fabric or not. Yes, they are made up of viscose and nylon yarns as well. But it can be made up of 100% Silk Yarn. The right question for you all to ask is if 100% Silk yarn is used or not while manufacturing the fabric.

The Types of 100% Silk Fabric are as follows –

  1. Crepe Silk Fabric
  2. Georgette Silk Fabric
  3. Matka Silk Fabric
  4. Raw Silk Fabric or Dupioni Silk Fabric
  5. Organza Silk Fabric
  6. Satin Silk Fabric
  7. Crepe Silk Fabric
  8. Chiffon Silk Fabric
  9. Tissue Silk Fabrics
  10. Ikat Silk Fabrics
  11. Tussar Silk Fabrics
  12. Velvet Silk Fabrics

These are the broad categories of Silk Fabrics and there are a lot of types of qualities which come under all these types of silk fabrics. Do check out our website so that you get a good understanding of all of them. We are the manufacturers of Silk Fabrics and we can give you the best rates as well.

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