Chiffon Silk Fabric

Chiffon Silk Fabric is a lightweight 100% Silk Fabric. The fabric’s main characteristic is the wrinkles the fabric has. For wholesale rates, kindly contact us on +91-8217771201.

This Fabric is widely used for making dresses, sarees, dupattas and many more modern western Dresses. We also have 100% Silk Flat Chiffon Fabric. Kindly look into all the 3 Qualities we have which is Platinum Chiffon, Diamond Chiffon, Chinnon Chiffon and Flat Chiffon. If you’re confused kindly let us know and we will guide you as to what quality will suit you.

We also have a lot of dyed chiffon in Shaded Dyeing , Golden Zari Borders and many more.

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Showing all 3 results

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